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About 2nd Grade

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Teacher: Mrs. Nancy Annunziata
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Welcome to the Second Grade!

The Second Grade ELA curriculum is a combination of reading, writing, grammar, phonics, vocabulary, and spelling. It is the blending and integration of all these elements that enables the student to achieve their own personal best in the area of literacy. Our program is based on the newly implemented Common Core State Standards which prepare our students to be college and career ready.   Students will learn to listen to, read, internalize, speak and write about works of fiction and non-fiction.

          As part of our literacy block children engage in silent, partner, shared and group reading. They are encouraged to read aloud with accuracy and expression, and to attend to punctuation and appropriate phrasing. Literary elements such as character, plot, setting and theme are discussed and analyzed. Skills such as cause and effect, compare and contrast, making predictions and drawing conclusions are practiced. Children are introduced to and encouraged to use different decoding strategies. Phonics and vocabulary are part of everyday lessons. In conjunction with our regular reading series, and to reinforce all that is taught in the classroom, children work independently on the computer based reading program entitled Achieve 3000.

          Children participate in journal writing and are taught to write well developed paragraphs. Parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives are introduced, reinforced and integrated into their writing. Students participate in a varied array of writing genres including, but not limited to, personal narratives, informative/ explanatory, and persuasive texts.      

In Math students add and subtract two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping. Word problems are stressed and practiced daily, and children are encouraged to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve these problems. In line with CCSS, second graders must commit to memory addition and subtraction facts through 20. Children learn to interpret data, as well as read and create graphs. Time, money, measurement, and geometry are taught and integrated into different subject lessons.

          As part of our Social Studies curriculum students learn about different types of communities, how the communities are run, and how they change over time. Children learn about important American symbols such as the White House and the American Flag, and explore holidays and historical leaders. Students are introduced to the globe and different geographic terms. Finally, they discover how natural resources shape and affect our world.

          In Science class we focus on the study of plants and animals. Students learn about different plant and animal adaptations. Students investigate different types of habitats and the life forms that thrive in each. Finally, we close our year by studying how plants and animals interact and depend on each other.

          Religion is integrated into all areas of our curriculum. Love for God, others, and oneself is not a lesson isolated to Religion Class but taught, modeled, discussed, and lived throughout the day. The teachings of Jesus Christ are an integral part of our daily lives here at St. Francis of Assisi. During their time in second grade children receive two Sacraments; Eucharist and Reconciliation. Much time and study are involved in preparation of these two life forming events. Sacred Vessels used during Liturgical celebrations are examined and discussed. Children tour the church and become familiar with the different parts and their meaning. As part of Religion Class children will learn about the early church, sacraments, the ten commandments, Blessed Trinity, liturgical year, and the parts of the Mass.

          As part of a well balanced education students also receive instruction in Art, Gym, Music, Library and Computer with special subject teachers. At St. Francis of Assisi School we strive to instill in our students a love for learning and a sense of responsibility for all of creation. It is my hope that their second grade experience helps them to grow academically, spiritually, and emotionally enabling them to meet with success in the third grade.